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Trampoline History


The history of the trampoline dates back to the 1930s. George Nissen was a renowned gymnast at school and college. Fascinated by the high and safe bouncing of acrobats at the circus, he developed the idea of using the same bouncy ground to use in gymnastics instead of a flat mat. It was in 1934 that George and his coach, Larry Griswold, executed this idea. They made a prototype trampoline using scrap iron, car tubes, and strong canvas. The model became famous as they used it for training children in summer camps. They named the invention ‘Trampoline’, inspired by Spanish word-trampolin.

George and Larry set Trampoline and tumbling company in 1941 and it flourished in no time. The improved trampolines were great for muscular strength and were now being used for both training and recreational purposes. By the 1960s, there were many trampoline centers opened in major cities.

In 2000, during the Sydney Olympics, Trampolining was acknowledged as a Sport that included events like the synchronized trampoline, double mini-trampoline and tumbling. Today, trampolines come with padded frames and net enclosures to ensure safety.