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How Did Gambling Develop in the World?

The question often arises in the minds of those who were never really into gambling: How did gambling develop in the world? The development of gambling as a whole is rather a complex one, and in order to fully understand how did gambling develop in the world, one would have to delve into history and religion to get a better idea of the answers. For many people who are asking themselves this: How did gambling develop in the world? they can look back at history and religion and see if they can find any clues as to when or how gambling developed in the world.

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One of the most obvious places one can look to for answers as to how did gambling develop in the world is the ancient world. There are many references to gambling in ancient Greek and Roman culture, both of which are very densely populated. Gambling was often a part of social functions that involved many members of a group, such as assemblies, festivals, and other political events. Many cities throughout the ancient world had laws against gambling, and it often took many years before these laws were overturned. This, of course, probably made the development of gambling even more difficult, since many cities, if not all, were completely hostile to any form of gambling.

One of the most important places where you can find answers as to how did gambling develop in the world is in the book of Genesis. The Book of Genesis records the story of the golden calf, or rather, the practice of placing bets on animals during the course of the day. While many scholars have dismissed this passage as ahistorical, there are still a number of Christians who take this passage literally, seeing the importance of gambling from both religious and cultural stands. With all the evidence available today, it seems fairly safe to assume that the Romans were one of the first cultures to introduce gambling to the ancient world, though the exact origins of the idea are much disputed.


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