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Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any age limit to jump on the trampoline?

No, there is no age limit. Our park is suitable for every age group. Any person who feels fit to jump on our trampoline at Altitude Trampoline Park can do so.

Is there any dress code?

No, there is no mandatory dress code to follow. However, we recommend you to wear comfortable clothes such as shorts, sweats, and t-shirts. Shoes are not allowed on the trampoline. Wearing of any sharp objects like belt buckles and cloth studs is strictly prohibited.

Do I need Socks?

We prioritize our customer’s safety. Thus, we mandate wearing of Altitude Safety Socks available for $2 at our park. You can reuse these socks by washing them. Besides, it helps in maintaining cleanliness in the park.

What if I get hungry?

No worries. We have got great options for food and drinks available for purchase on our premises.

Do I need to buy tickets in Advance?

No, it is not compulsory to purchase tickets in advance. You can buy it once you reach here. However, we recommend buying it before coming because you may not get a seat as time slots fill quickly.

Do I need to visit the park to buy tickets?

No. We provide the option of buying tickets online. You can make reservations through the ‘Buy Ticket’ button on the homepage. However, you cannot avail of the ‘specials’ in this feature.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Every individual seeking to jump on a trampoline at Altitude Trampoline Park needs to sign a waiver. If you are less than 18 years in age then your legal guardian signs the same. An online waiver remains valid for one year.

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