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Play like an Olympian at Altitude Trampoline Park

Play like an Olympian at Altitude Trampoline Park

Play like an Olympian at Altitude Trampoline Park

The time has come to get in action with the Olympic spirit at Altitude Trampoline Park. No more nagging your kid to sit at home because Altitude Trampoline Park provides a massive and spacious indoor playground that allows your child to dive in amusement.

Trampolining is an Olympic sport since 2000. Altitude Trampoline Park brings a new concept of bouncing stations that get your kids moving and allows them to use their high energy levels better. Here are the activities that will allow you to play like an Olympian at Altitude Trampoline Park.

1. Trampoline Basketball

Even if it is snowing or raining outside, you need not make any compromise on your fun. Get into a high flying experience of making baskets with the safety of the foamy surface. The soft-sided goal and backboard provide a safe surface for landings and take-offs.

2. Battle beam

This fun-filled attraction will give you the fun of battling against your friend with soft logs while balancing on the foam beam. You can enjoy a healthy and fun competition with your friends to know the real king of the beam.

3. Tumble tracks

There is nothing like this. You can show your creativity in practicing gymnastics and develop skills here.

4. Performance trampolines

Get some extra springs in your jumps on performance trampolines and learn some new movements on these safe landings of foam. You can practice acrobatic skills or get your exercise done by flipping on the bouncy surface. Even if you are an experienced jumper, you will have a great time doing practice sessions here.

5. High-9 Reaction Wall

Altitude Birmingham features a High-9 reaction wall, a great way to test your reaction time. Hit as many red lights as you can by bouncing on the trampolines.

6. Extreme Dodgeball

Experience the thrill of playing freestyle dodgeball on a trampoline. Gather your teammates and explore some fun new ways to win the winners’ tag.

7. Monkey Bar

Climb these bars without the fear of falling in the foam pits. Challenge your friends to see who can cross the bar first.

Altitude Birmingham is the perfect option to have a fun time with family and friends. Even parents can join their little ones on trampolines to have an exciting time. With utmost sincerity, our staff fully commits to the safety of our customers while assuring you to get some fun-filled hours. Whether you are looking to have family entertainment or want your kid to have an energetic play session, Altitude Trampoline Park is the perfect destination to unleash the sports spirit in you.


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