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How to be safe while trampolining in 2019?

How to be safe while trampolining in 2019?

How to be safe while trampolining in 2019?

Excitement is fun, games incite happiness, adventures are most dramatic, outdoors could be relaxing, but safety is always a primary concern! Many-a-times, as kids engage in gala jumping moments on trampolines, their parents solemnly wait, their gazes resting on that colorful jumpy surface that shakes and shudders under the thundering euphoria writ large on those tender, cheerful faces that take center stage amidst a play of dazzling lights and booming music. Yes, trampolining is fun for sure, but there have been isolated happenings wherein jumpers suffered injuries during the game. On the contrary, Altitude Trampoline Park has always been considered a haven for trampolining activities, hats-off to the strict rules and regulations that apply to one and all.

Trampolines installed at Altitude Park are neatly padded and are regularly checked for any deformities. Wear and tear resulting from use are addressed with utmost priority to ensure perfection and excellent results at all times. Even so, it becomes a necessity that regulations are followed at all times before and during trampolining. Let’s discuss some simple techniques that can help your kid enjoy and be safe at the same time while jumping on an Altitude trampoline.


Come what may, parents must always ensure that the child engages in trampoline performances under proper supervision. At Altitude, experts are available at all times to make sure that jumpers follow a predefined set of rules and do not engage in any activity that could cause harm. Jumpers must take care not to bounce off the trampolines and step down instead. Neck and spinal injuries could happen if stringent measures to follow the rules and regulations are not taken. Be safe, and enjoy your jump time, be cautious.


It is best to jump within your abilities, and no one should lie or rest on the trampolines. Jumpers should make sure never to land on their heads and must not engage in double bouncing. Participants at Altitude Trampoline Park are required to sign a waiver and are required to accept a set of rules as defined in the waiver form. It is also a necessity that jumpers should be in full control of their bodies and use Altitude-approved socks… 


While using trampolines can be fun, opting for the correct apparel can make the jumpers way safer. When stepping on the trampolines, absolutely avoid carrying any sharp objects that could become a hindrance to your safety as well as others’ wellbeing. Jumpers must not wear any jewelry or carry keychains, cell-phones, or cameras as these could become a safety hazard in one form or the other.          


Always remember, trampolining may be a fun-filled activity but only if it is done keeping the rules and regulations in mind. Altitude Trampoline Park makes it especially clear on its website and at several points in the park that jumpers must always abide by the rules at all times. In case of any support or assistance, court monitors and park staff are readily available.       


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