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Altitude’s commitment to safety during COVID-19

Altitude’s commitment to safety during COVID-19

Altitude’s commitment to safety during COVID-19

The far and wide reach of the Coronavirus and its untoward impact on our daily lives has brought in a ton of changes to the way we do our daily chores. Be it the work sector or trampoline parks, every business has moved in line with the recommendations of health authorities with one aim – to stop the spread of the disease.

As countrywide extensive lockdowns begin to subside with passing time, a basic move to help slow down the ravaging COVID-19 has been to encourage social distancing. There has also been an immense pressure on the masses to not engage in gatherings and restrict movement whenever possible. The crux of the situation focuses on one basic fact: We all need to be extremely cautious at all times. Everyone needs to work in unison to help “flatten the curve” of the pandemic and reduce the number of active cases.

Adapting to the change, Altitude Trampoline Park has instituted a large number of safety and health protocols as per the guidelines that keep you and your kids safe at the park always.


The well-being and safety of our guests are of prime importance to us. Everyone is very well aware of how lethal COVID-19 can be. To keep the ailment at bay, Altitude has raised the bar for your health by implementing a highly-ranked cleanliness certification program called C3 which stands for Caring through Cleanliness and Certification.

With C3 in place across Altitude Trampoline Park, jumpers can be assured of all-round safety, health, and hygiene as they engage themselves in fun-filled activities in the park.
Full-park cleanliness program

Cleaning products that are consistent with CDC guidelines

Executed by trained and certified staff

Extensive cleaning protocols before, during, and after hours

Audited by EcoSure – Altitude’s health and safety evaluation partner


To keep up with the CDC and health authorities guidelines Altitude has seamlessly initiated processes to make sure jumping is more fun for everyone.

Dedicated C3 team members assigned to consistently cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces throughout the day.

Disinfectant stations throughout the park that guests can utilize. Better hand sanitizing stations have also been set up.

Awareness of social distancing norms through signage and operating procedures. Crowd control measures help keep the number of guests in check.

Through effective audits and better methods to check the spread of the pandemic, Altitude has partnered with EcoSure that will help us maintain cleanliness throughout. So go ahead, book your parties, and jump and let the activities begin.


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